One of a kind ceramics
My name is Maria Loram and I'm a ceramics artist. I focus on creating unique functional pieces that bring a touch of artistry to everyday life and perfectly complement any modern, elegant home.
I find inspiration in the natural forms and the subtle, organic imperfections of handmade ceramics that make each piece unique. I am drawn to the raw, natural feel of unglazed clay, and I work to highlight the material's inherent qualities of texture and form. I also enjoy experimenting with earthy, natural, and neutral tones, exploring the subtle variations that can be achieved through careful firing and glazing techniques.
My artistic vision is rooted in the philosophy of wabi-sabi, the minimalist geometry of contemporary design, and the natural appeal of Japanese ceramics. I am also deeply inspired by the peacefulness and tranquility of Buddhist teachings, as well as the beauty of the natural world around me.
As a ceramics artist who is just beginning to explore the world of ceramics, I am constantly motivated by the joy of discovery and the endless creative possibilities that this medium presents. With each new piece I create, I am filled with a sense of wonder and joy, and I am constantly inspired to continue pushing the boundaries of my creativity and exploring the fascinating interplay between function and beauty in the world of ceramics.
Contact me:
Pasadena, CA