Boat Tours: Sailing around the Icefjord and the Eqi Glacier
A boat tour is one of the most amazing things you can do in Greenland (it could also be one of the most expensive things but details, details.)
The two hour evening iceberg sailing tour was around 600kr/person. The mini van picked us up at 9:30pm right in time for the sunset at 11pm
Eqi Glacier is three hours north of Ililussat by a fast boat and six hours if you don't book the tour on time. We paid $300 for a one-day tour (obviously, we didn't think ahead).

The glacier is 4 km wide and up to 200m high. It's calving all the time which people get quite excited about. It's very likely that in a couple of years the glacier will go back far enough to get stuck in the valley - then the calving won't happen anymore. Climate change is real!